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 Kung Fu with Master Cheng

Shaolin Wushu is an ancient form of martial arts created in the countryside of China and passed down through generations in traditional ways. Now is the time to learn this effective and powerful art directly from a master. Master Cheng has been instructing in the United States for more than 30 years, and has studied the arts of Shaolin for decades more. Under his direct supervision students will train in the traditional ways of Shaolin, growing strength and endurance to levels previously thought un-achievable. Starting with the basics of stance and striking, students will find themselves become stronger, faster, and more flexible over time.

When master Cheng tests you, you will know you have achieved !
Kung Fu Trainging at Sunrise
Tai-Chi-Association with M. Cheng at sunrise in  1979
Kung Fu Trainging at Sunrise
M. Cheng shows Chi strength under car
Tao Philosophy is taught to you progressively to apply toward everyday living, such that you achieve the inner balance of life. Kung Fu stresses the physical fitness of your body. You gradually build your physique, irrespective of your size, to test to a strength that you thought was beyond yourself!